Dear Children, Sincerely… – Seven decades of Sri Lanka

Dear Children, Sincerely… – Seven decades of Sri Lanka is a highly charged ensemble performance that takes you on a journey back through seventy years of Sri Lanka, highlighting seven singular events that changed the course of Sri Lankan history irrevocably. Created through conversations conducted with the generation born in the 1930s, the play traces and links the dramatic socio political twists and turns of the Sri Lankan people, from Independence in the 1940s through to the end of a 30-year Civil War in 2009.

This performance is part of the wider Dear Children, Sincerely… Project (DCS Project), a research and theatre project begun in 2015 by Stages Theatre Group in Sri Lanka. The DCS project began with the purpose of encouraging senior citizens to look back critically and reflectively on their country’s journey in order to try and understand it in retrospect, whilst targeting youth audiences to engage in these narratives.

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