WALKING PATH wins hearts in Mumbai!

WALKING PATH performed at the Prithvi theatre in Juhu, and Sitara Studio in Dadar, Mumbai on the 19th and 20th of December 2014 after being selected as one of the top 5 plays to perform at the Thespo 16 youth theatre festival.

One highlight of this show was that a bunch of talented and enthusiastic young actors and actresses from India was also a part of the cast of WALKING PATH! The play went on boards with just two rehearsals with our Indian friends!

The director, Jayampathi Guruge together with the cast and crew brought home 4 out 5 awards given at the festival – Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Production Design, Outstanding Director, and Outstanding Play!

Performing at the Prithvi Theatre (click on the link to check out their website) was a novel experience for the whole cast; the hall, though a closed space, has an amphitheatre touch to it, with a three-sided thrust stage. Although of course WALKING PATH is a play without words, it has to be said that the acoustics at this venue are remarkable!

Their next venue, Sitara Studio (click on the link to check out their website), was an experimental performance space. Set at the end of a tiny alleyway, it looks nothing like a place that can host a play… but as soon as you step over the threshold, the atmosphere transforms itself completely, and it allowed team Thespo to magically create a theatre within.

Stroll over to the Thespo facebook page and website to see their updates of the festival.