Walking Path Rehearsal Diary – June 18th


The director mainly worked with two actors today to devise a scene. He started by giving them each five different types of physical warm up type exercises to do, such as squats and crunches. He then got the actors to do exercises that complemented each other together, so as to create a level of sexual tension between the actors, while still maintaining the atmosphere of two guys exercising in a gym.

He then combined the sets of exercises in a sequence so that each set flowed into the next smoothly, to create a short scene. The actors tried to create an atmosphere of intense sexual tension, without changing their movements at all. They utilized eye contact and facial expression to do so.

After establishing this scene, the director introduced a new element of phones into the scene. This time, when they ran the scene, the actors were told to periodically check their phones, and seem like they were having other conversations through messaging. This immediately changed the tone of the scene. The previous dynamic of attraction and concentration between the actors was gone, replaced by a discordant, distracted, disconnected feeling instead.