Sustainable Theatre


One of our principles is to work in both English and Sinhala (we want to later move to incorporate Tamil). We feel that this is a very powerful creative mix. So much of our work is designed to bring the two audiences together, to bring the artistes together.

One area which we have identified as fundamental to building a sustainable arts culture is the area of publication and translation. This will make original Sri Lankan plays accessible to both international and local audiences, artistes and students.

If you are interested in supporting our Publications and Translations project, please do get in touch. You could be a publisher, a printer, a philanthropist, a writer, a translator, an editor or a student of literature; we will find a way to slot you in.

Status of our scripts and how you may get involved.

  1. Middle of Silence – has been published in English by ICES. Needs to be translated into Sinhala and published.
  2. Two times Two is Two – has not been published, but has been translated into Sinhala. Awaiting publication.
  3. Cast as Mother Manuscript – has not been published. Available in both English and Sinhala. Needs to be edited and laid out. Seeking publication.
  4. Kalumaali – a fairy tale for grown-ups – in the process of being published in English and Sinhala.
  5. In Search of Sivaramani – Sinhala script. Needs to be translated into English and hopefully Tamil.


We have done about 12 productions to date. Each production starts with the same questions…

Where can we perform this? What are our options? Are the rates the same? Who has the numbers? Who is in charge there? How big is the stage? What about rehearsals?

So the last time we went through this and wasted a whole lot of time looking for this information, we decided to start a project to systematically collect information on rehearsal and performance spaces in Colombo.

Here are our findings. Please feel free to use this resource. Please also send us your comments.

We are going to add to this list performance spaces in the outstation areas too. Let us know if you want to get involved in this phase of the project.


As a group we believe in and actively support artistic integrity. We believe that every artiste deserves to be given the space to be true to his or her art. We believe that an artiste’s right to say what she has to say should not be interfered with.

This freedom is an artiste’s right, but we need to complement it with our own integrity in how we deal with other artistes. To this end we are developing ideas on how to better and more effectively put into practice the idea of artiste ethics. Do get in touch if you have any ideas to share with us on this.


Casting for plays is generally not so difficult in a community as small as ours. However, in order to provide better links between directors and actors, between film and theatre and between different language theatres, and also to provide Sri Lankan artistes with a link to international artistes, we are going to start an actor data base.