Artistes in Training

Stages Theatre Group has started an artiste’s training, exchange and exposure programme. This programme was started in October 2013 to develop a system of holistic training for today’s Sri Lankan theatre artiste. We pay attention to the training of the body, the mind, language skills and stagecraft. The programme comprises:

Physical training – focus on physical skills of various disciplines useful for actors to experiment with and learn
Language Training – focus on reaching creative competency in more than one language
Lectures and Talks – professionals and activists from other fields meet with artistes in order to discuss issues and stories pertinent to them
Stage Craft – we build our skills in stage craft as a group
Script Readings – readings of both local and international plays
Life Skills – skills artistes need to improve their productivity and success in administrative work

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Education and Outreach

Theatre is amazingly versatile and can be molded to suit any need, be it entertainment, skills training, therapy, community storytelling, group building, conflict resolution, confidence building… the list really is endless. So if you are curious to find out how theatre might bring out something in you, do get in touch. We have experience conducting workshops and programmes for teachers, students, youth groups, women’s groups, people suffering from mental illnesses or trauma, prisoners, company executives, factory workers etc… Theatre really is for everybody. Theatre is about stories. Theatre is about play. Everybody likes to play. Everybody has a story, but sometimes, we forget, or we are made to believe that we should no longer play, or we are made to feel that our stories are not important, not interesting, and not valuable. Our outreach programme is about taking theatre to non-actors. Click here if you’d like to sponsor our outreach programmes.

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Sustainable Theatre

The best thing and worst thing about Sri Lankan theatre is that it is still more about passion than about professionalism. This means that often our artistes produce brilliant and heartfelt work, but neither this work, nor the artistes who created it are sustained by the industry. Very little is passed on, very little is absorbed and cemented into wider society. Thus, when our artistes grow older, grow tired, leave the country or simply move on to new productions, their work disappears. We are trying to change this in small ways. While we run our productions and our workshops, we also see what we can do to make it easier for good art to last longer. We have started and implemented a few ideas along these lines. We would love to hear from you if you have anything you want to add to this… If you want to support sustainable theatre in Sri Lanka here are some areas that might interest you:

Training of artistes
Publication and translations of scripts
The theatre community network
The artiste ethics programme

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