Grease Yaka Rehearsal Diary – June 17th

The actors were put in pairs and asked to come up with three scenarios each, of slipperiness and devise short skits.

There were a variety of ideas that came up, ranging from someone running away and trying to scale walls but slipping, to being slid out from under a car as the car falls, to the slipperiness of soap in the shower, to trying to climb a tree or a pole and sliding down.

Afterwards, the actors were asked to choose their two best ideas and push them further. These scenes were used to get into the mindset of greasiness that would go hand in hand with the concept of the play. Establishing scenes like this gives the actors and the director ideas to pull from when putting together the play as a whole.

These exercises helped the actors to understand the type of things they might be doing in their roles in the play, as well as giving people ideas to build on to write the play.

gy rehearsal jumping out of window