Support Us



    • Sponsor our next production – invest directly in the most visible section of our work. Help us bring high quality work to local audiences.


    • Sponsor the re-run or tour of an existing production – maybe the reviews have been good, maybe you were moved by what you saw. If you think others should see it, maybe outstation or even foreign audiences, why don’t you consider investing in one of our productions which are available for tour?



    • Sponsor a publication or translation project – contribute sustaining theatre beyond the live performance and across language barriers.


    • Sponsor our education programme – help us involve the next generation of Sri Lankans actively in the dynamic creative and critical thinking process of theatre. Help us work with school teachers to make classrooms more interactive. Help us link university students with school children through theatre.


    • Sponsor an outreach programme – help us take theatre to people who may have not yet experienced the potency of the arts. Your sponsorship of any one of these programmes will help us take theatre free of charge to teachers, students and the community.



  • Sponsorship towards core funding – if you really believe in our work, and believe that we will put your funds to the best possible use, then please do consider contributing towards the core funding of Stages Theatre Group. This kind of funding provides us with the most freedom and flexibility to work in. Anyone contributing to the core funding of Stages Theatre Group, is recognized as a patron of our group.



    • Donations of rehearsal space – sometimes all we need is the air that we breathe and a quiet place to rehearse. If you are in a position to provide us with a regular or even irregular space to rehearse in, to conduct our artistes’ training programmes in, to conduct outreach workshops in, please do contact us.


    • Donations of theatre material – any material directly linked to the theatre – theatre books, wigs, training equipment, masks, musical instruments – will be greatly appreciated and much used.


  • Donations of other material – it could be a set of speakers, a book case (with or without books), a lap top, an old van, an unopened music box. We are not yet a professional theatre company. We are taking the steps towards becoming a full time out fit. Because we are of the theatre, we are interested in old things, odd things. We may not use them ourselves, but you may one day see your old teapot on stage…


Support for our work is not always about giving money or material things. We understand and value the skills and experience you have gained over time.

    • Share your expertise. Whether your expertise is in the area of administration, marketing, fund raising or running a business, or if you’ve simply got time to ‘dabble’ in theatre now please do contact us – we would love to hear from you.


    • Train our artistes – you could be a potential trainer of our artistes. We are interested in input on all physical aspects of the body, we are interested in different ideas and ways of thinking, and we are interested in learning different crafts in theatre. We are interested in most things we don’t know much about.


  • Share your contacts – you could provide us with links with and information on artistes, theatre groups and trainers (local and international) who would like to contribute to this programme in terms of their skills.

So if you have expertise you can share with us we want to hear from you – please do contact us.