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As always, Stages is looking out for new energy, new ideas, and new impossible dreams. If you feel, strongly, that you share the core interests of the people of Stages – those of sustainable theatre, bilingual artistry, artistic integrity, and collaborative creative processes – you really MUST get in touch. We will have lots to talk about. We believe that theatre can be part of anyone’s life. If you have wondered how you might get involved, here are a few options.

    • Do you already have a script? We are committed to developing original plays. Your script could be our next production. If you want to explore that option or even if you just want feedback, write to us at


    • No script but a great idea? Much of our work is devised which means we love building plays from simple concepts. We could offer you the space to experiment. Email us at


    • Are you a performer? If you would like to work with us please contact us with your CV and photograph. We will get back to you.


    • Are you from a theatre company? We love to connect with other theatre companies. If you are interested in our work, want to collaborate with us or have any ideas for exchange, please email us.


    • Want to volunteer or intern with us? Age and previous experience is no barrier. If you have the time, the motivation and the interest, we have the space and the resources. Contact us.


    • Looking for a job in theatre? Well, good luck! (Ahem) …but seriously, we are moving towards becoming a fully professional theatre company. We hope to get there soon. So do get in touch – who knows? Contact us.


    • Want to support our work? This could be through sponsorship, professional expertise, donations in cash or kind (e.g. rehearsal space, books, an old van, biscuits…). Click here for more.


    • Want to learn from us? We offer workshops for students, teachers, corporate clients and professional artistes in all areas of theatre work. For more information on this, please click here.


  • Any other ideas on how you could get involved? We’d love to hear from you, especially if you have thought of something we have not. So please do email us with your ideas –

Support Us

We have experienced how profound an impact theatre can have on individuals and communities. If you have experienced this too, or if you believe in what we do; there are many ways you can support our work – through sponsorship, through donations, through expertise. Please do take the time to look at what we have thought of. If you have any new ideas, do get in touch. We deeply appreciate whatever you decide to give us – because it is your act of faith that we value. Here is how you can help us. And lot of people have helped us in the past.

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