Artistes’ training programme kicks off


Since October 2013, Stages Theatre Group has been developing an artistes’ training, exchange and exposure programme.

The long-term goal of this programme is to develop a system of holistic development and training for today’s Sri Lankan theatre practitioner, to encourage artistes to invest in themselves in a disciplined way.

We pay attention to training the body and the mind, to developing language skills and stagecraft. As such, we’ve been having regular workshops – where we focus on physical training, experimenting with new techniques of performance, where we interact with professionals outside the theatre on issues of social and political interest, where we meet to read plays and also regular classes to improve our individual language skills.

We are developing this programme as we go along, keeping it flexible in order to best meet the needs of the Sri Lankan theatre artiste.

While access to these workshops is not restricted, we do ask that artistes who wish to join with us are able to make a commitment to regular attendance as we are trying to build on a discipline.

The first phase of this training lasted from October 2013 – March 2014. The next phase will begin in June 2014.

Please contact us on 0094714378178 if you are interested in getting involved in this in any way.