Our Members

Amal de Chickera

– lawyer, producer, writer

A founder member of Stages Theatre Group, Amal is a human rights lawyer presently based in the UK. His expertise is on statelessness – persons who have no nationality, belong to no state, have no “stage” from which to be seen or heard. Amal is most interested in theatre and the arts that serve a socio-political purpose. He has been involved in various Stages productions as producer/writer/devisor/actor/stage manager.

Gihan de Chickera

– cartoonist, actor, teacher

Gihan is a founder member of Stages Theatre Group who contributes mainly as an actor, but also handles sound and publicity-related work.

Gihan works as a cartoonist for one of the leading daily newspapers of Sri Lanka and also as a lecturer in Language in the University of Colombo.

Gihan acts in both Sinhala and English theatres, and was a cast member in the film Machan.

Jayampathi Guruge

– actor, designer, director

Jayampathi Guruge is a multidisciplinary artist, working in theatre as an actor, set designer, costume designer, lighting designer, stage manager and makeup artist since 2002.

He has a First Class in Drama and Theatre from the University of the Visual and Performing Arts, Sri Lanka. He recently toured India as a part of our artistes’ training programme. He directed and designed the play without words “Walking Path” which received critical acclaim.

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Malshani Delgahapitiya

– actor, student

Malshani is an undergraduate student in International Relations and she is employed at GIZ – FLICT. She is an old girl of Methodist College who was actively engaged in school theatre productions. After leaving school, she joined Stages Theatre Group as an intern in 2011 and has contributed to a number of Stages productions ever since – such as Cast as Mother and Kalumaali – in acting, designing and PR.

Miranga Ariyaratne

– actor, producer, sounds and lights artist

Miranga started acting at the age of 14 through his school. Subsequently, he became heavily involved with English theatre in Colombo – primarily as an actor.

He first engaged with Stages Theatre Group when he was called to replace the lead male role in the play Kalumaali. Miranga is interested in developing his skills as a director and is working towards a production.

He currently works as an IT and finance consultant.

Nadie Kammallaweera

– writer, actor, translator

Nadie started acting on the professional stage at the age of 16 under the direction of Somalatha Subasinghe, the maestro of children’s theatre in Sri Lanka. Nadie has since acted in several Sri Lankan plays and independent films.

Nadie is a recognized writer and translator. She has worked in human rights organizations, and has a deep interest in issues of social justice.

She is currently residing in Australia.

Pasan Ranaweera

– actor, voice artist, photographer

Pasan has been interested in performing since childhood. Since studying Drama and Theatre for his Advanced Level examinations he has been involved in the arts in various capacities. He’s most well-known as Cyril Nitharamasuffering in “Puswedilla”. Having worked with various types of directors, he hopes to study performance in depth in the future. Apart from acting, he also works free-lance as a voicing and dubbing artist.

Ranil Goonawardene

– musician, composer, sound designer

Ranil Goonawardene has performed and recorded with many bands and acts. He does regular work as a guitarist and maschine-ist for many current hit-producing artistes.

He first started working with Stages when he came in as the composer for Kalumaali where he composed the entire original sound score of over 20 tracks. He works as a composer/producer at Halien Production House.

Ruwan Malith Peiris

– stage manager, director, workshop conductor

Ruwan Malith is best known in Sri Lanka as a stage manager, currently working with several top Sri Lankan theatre directors in this capacity.

Malith also works in film and television as a cinematographer, assistant director and actor. He has a background in martial arts and gymnastics.

He recently toured India as a part of our artistes’ training programme and is working on a revival of his very successful show – Daasa Mallige Bangalawa.

Ruwanthie de Chickera

– playwright, director, screenwriter

Founder member of Stages Theatre Group, Ruwanthie’s plays have been produced in Sri Lanka, UK, Japan, India, Australia and Philippines. Her first feature film screenplay, Machan, is recognized as a hallmark in Sri Lankan cinema.

She recently visited the US on an Eisenhower Fellowship which she received for her work in theatre.

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Sandamali Wijeratne

– producer

Sandamali has been involved in theatre in various capacities—writer, occasional actor, stage manager, director—since school. Sandamali has a Master’s in Law & Diplomacy from The Fletcher School at Tufts University, and a Bachelor’s in International Affairs & English with Theatre Concentration from Lafayette College.

She worked for several non-profit organisations before taking on her current role at Stax Inc., a global strategy consulting firm.