About Us

What we do…

Stages is committed to cutting edge, original theatre that addresses deep, social issues.

We work as an ensemble, placing emphasis on the process of creating a play.

We pride ourselves on having a strong bilingual team and are working towards becoming strong trilingual performers.

In addition to theatre productions, we work on strengthening the supporting subculture of arts in Sri Lanka. We have a training programme for artistes, a theatre education programme for schools and several other theatre projects.

We are interested in making connections with artistes from other cultures and we enjoy the challenge of collaboration.

Our Ensemble Of Artistes

Stages Theatre Group is an ensemble of independent, bilingual artistes committed to a set of common principles and objectives in theatre.
Most of us have full-time jobs in areas such as journalism, law and advocacy, teaching and business. We see this as a huge boon as we are able to bring onto stage, insights from the wider world and take back to society, what we have learnt through theatre.
Within a production, we take on varying and multiple roles, striving to create the space for individuals to find and further their passions in life and theatre.

  • Ruwanthie de Chickera – playwright, director, screenwriter
  • Nadie Kammallaweera – writer, actor, translator
  • Gihan de Chickera – cartoonist, actor, teacher
  • Ruwan Malith Pieris – stage manager, director, workshop conductor
  • Jayampathi Guruge – actor, designer, director
  • Miranga Ariyaratne – actor, producer, sounds & lights
  • Amal de Chickera – lawyer, producer, writer
  • Malshani Delgahapitiya – actor, student
  • Ranil Goonawardana – musician, composer, sound designer
  • Sandamali Wijeratne – producer
  • Pasan Ranaweera – actor, photographer

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A bit of history

Stages Theatre Group was co-founded in the year 2000 by Ruwanthie de Chickera as a youth theatre group with a special commitment to producing original Sri Lankan plays. Very quickly, through a number of critically acclaimed productions, and working primarily (though not exclusively) in English Theatre, Stages established itself as a cutting edge theatre group, producing socially conscious theatre of high artistic value in Sri Lanka. During its first eight years of existence, Stages produced nine original plays, one translated play, and performed in nine cities overseas, participated in seven international theatre festivals and two international theatre collaborations. In around 2008 Stages Theatre Group went into hibernation, as some of us ventured into film, marriage, England, motherhood, and other strange countries … As of 2012, Stages Theatre Group has revived itself – gathered together its returnees, and a few other strays – and with the advantage of a few quiet years to sit back and reflect, has reinvented itself along a few new lines, a few old lines.